Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SAV meeting notes - 10/14

First Proposal
Changes to Voting Privileges. First change, SAV should vote in members not originally voted during the elections. Second change, if there is someone who was in SAV last year for at least 10 times, they should get an automatic pass for voting this year.

This proposal was passed.

Second Proposal
Honors Society. Mr. Fanning is interested in implementing an Honors Society. Today, SAV discussed this matter. Those that agree with it say that it will help students stand out in the college applicate pool, but those that disagree feel that it will only create competition within the school.

9 for it.
7 against it.

Yet, it is still not passed. SAV seems to be fairly split on the idea.

Third Proposal
School Store. Two members have expressed interested in opening a school store, in which money raised will go into the school's sport teams funding.

It passed.

Welcome To SAV - Year 2!

And so, last week was the start of the second year of SAV. This time around, now that we understand how SAV worked last year, we're ready to move forward with making this school a better place for every student and teacher.

Stay tune for more updates!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Changes in SAV

As the year winds down a few of us have decided to take what we've seen happen in SAV and try to come up with a better way of organizing ourselves so that we get more done. As of right now, there is about four of us working out the details and our first meeting was on Friday. If anyone is interested in coming and expressing your ideas we're meeting up again during tomorrow's lunch period in the conference room. While everyone is invited, please only come if you're willing do get some work done. We are aiming to maintain our small number of participants. Check back here frequently since we'll be posting our progress here in the upcoming days.

Monday, May 5, 2008

SAV Notes for 4/30

This meeting was used more so for planning and catching up rather than voting. No votes were cast on this day. Here is the recap:

Community day for middle schoolers
Some middle schoolers feel that on days this event takes place, they should have a chance to go without coming to SAV. On those days, the high schoolers can have the day to themselves or the week can just be called as a break from SAV as a whole. Further discussion is pending to see just how we wish to go about giving the middle schoolers that time.

High School Attendance Issue:
One of the most pressing issue we have now is making the high schoolers come to the meetings. Many people are upset that they can't vote due to the absences. We are now trying to come up with ways to remedy this problem, however, it may just come to the point of which we'll just have to start dropping names off of our forum list in order to get our voting down.

A possible Solution:

Because SAV takes place during high school lunch, we want to start making lunch available to them. It could be possible that people have stopped coming due to wanting to get food. Hopefully we can get more high schoolers to come if we eliminate the need to find food prior to coming to SAV.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

SAV Meeting 3/12/08

So we were finally able to get some voting done today. Thanks in part to people showing up and remaining focus for most of the meeting. We voted to pass Kiya's Amnesty International Radio Show proposal and to add the Tutor Center idea to the middle schoolers. As for the implementation of the English Honors society, we merely votes to at least carry on with the idea. That is a discussion that will receive further discussion once a proper proposal is written.

Thanks to all of those who came out and gave their opinions.

Until next week everyone...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Important News: Communtiy Service Help

As high school students know, 60 hours of community service are required in the 4 years in order to graduate. For those who are missing those crucial hours, the SAV Forum now has a Community Sservice area which will hold important information about possible volunteer opportunities.

The link to the forum is on your right, so check it out and get those hours before its too late!