Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SAV meeting notes - 10/14

First Proposal
Changes to Voting Privileges. First change, SAV should vote in members not originally voted during the elections. Second change, if there is someone who was in SAV last year for at least 10 times, they should get an automatic pass for voting this year.

This proposal was passed.

Second Proposal
Honors Society. Mr. Fanning is interested in implementing an Honors Society. Today, SAV discussed this matter. Those that agree with it say that it will help students stand out in the college applicate pool, but those that disagree feel that it will only create competition within the school.

9 for it.
7 against it.

Yet, it is still not passed. SAV seems to be fairly split on the idea.

Third Proposal
School Store. Two members have expressed interested in opening a school store, in which money raised will go into the school's sport teams funding.

It passed.