Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Live from SAV Meeting 1/16/08

Agenda for today:

1) Follow up for Security Camera discussion

2) SAV Blog Issue

3) Proposals to vote on
Exhibition Database Proposal
Community Service Proposal

4) Open Discussion

Evan Wood in the 8th grade discussed his appearance at the School Leadership Team Meeting, with Josh Marks and Middle School Director Stacy Goldstein. According to him, the same discussion was held as the SAV meeting last week.

Sam Guss is discussing the importance of student output in regards as the Security Camera issue. He also mentions that rules regarding vandalism were never truly spoken, with prosecution held first.

Ryan Mason , a newly appointed member, talked about the need of alternatives for those who are against the camera issue.

Brandon Lewis suggested a poll of the entire school, to be administered by the elected officials of SAV.

The next issue made was about the SAV blog itself. Comments made in "Live From..." blog post. Many members believe that the SAV blog should not be censored and that the administration and the parents should not be involved. Phil Ensler, however, pointed out that placing a password on the blog would be beneficial in the long-term.

Mr. Fanning arrived at the meeting to discuss the issue. He talked about the parents' point of view about the blog. The parents think that the comments made could possible damage the school's reputation. He enjoys the idea of the blog, but feels the comments should be password-protected to keep from the public. One alternative brought up was the creation of a forum for the students to make comments.

Time ran up, so the proposals and the continuation of the discussion will continue at next week's meeting.