Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Live from SAV Meeting 1/9/08

Mr. Fanning arrived at today's SAV meeting to discuss the issue of the 4th floor camera. According to his speech, 10th grade girls approached him about sexual harassment occurring in their grade. In order to protect the rights of the students, he placed a camera on the 4th floor above Ms. Godshall's room. The camera was active from November to Christmas time. Another issue that required the need for a camera was graffiti and other property discussion. Mr. Fanning expressed the need for solutions, instead of just opposition. He said that he would be very open about changing decisions he made if a better solution was provided. By the end, he suggested that SAV gain a consensus by spending a few weeks discussing the camera before he re-addresses the issue at a later time.

One issue that SAV members had with the camera is the lack of notice and the lack of say the SAV had in the decision. He replied by saying that the students' protection required immediate reaction, and that he needed to make a quick decision.

After he explained the reasons for the camera, SAV members had the opportunity to discuss their feelings on the matter. Members including Ali Jo Harris and Sam Guss explained that SAV should have received notice in regards to the putting up the camera, whether it was before and after. The idea of cameras received a mixed reaction, with some completely opposed, while others expressed no problem without it.